💲$MAIV Token features

$MAIV token has NOT launched and is scheduled for early Q2 2024**

The $MAIV token is designed to serve as the key multifaceted instrument to utilise the MAIV platform with several key use cases and multiple benefits to its holders. The MAIV platform offers exclusive RE Development Pools to $MAIV token holders.

  • Subscription

The $MAIV token will be used as a means of membership to the MAIV platform, enabling users to use the the full suite of products and to benefit from its subsequent utilities. Users will lock a pre-determined number of tokens for a set-time period to gain access to the various investment pools.

  • Staking

Holders of $MAIV tokens can stake them to earn voting rights and additional tokens. Staking duration and quantity of tokens staked will determine the weight of votes.

  • Governance

$MAIV tokens are used for voting, contributing to the governance of the platform. Weighted voting considers both the amount of $MAIV staked and the duration, empowering token holders to influence platform decisions. Projects seeking finance can also stake tokens to gain advantages, creating high-volume demand for the $MAIV token. MAIV’s fees typically amount to 3% of finance raised on top of profit generated, the community will be able to decide through the governance feature how these funds are used.

  • Launchpad

Subscribers to the MAIV Launchpad get early access to seed-stage funding for emerging crypto projects. Subscribers must lock their $MAIV tokens via the Launchpad subscription, guaranteeing allocations based on the number of locked tokens. This service grants users privileged early access to promising projects while locking value within the $MAIV token.

  • Portfolio Access

MAIV uses a portion its profits to expand its selection of high-value assets, mainly luxury real estate worldwide. Users will be able to subscribe to the portfolio access program securing their stays at these residences via token lock. Dates for stays at these assets will periodically be released and users will be able to compete with one another via a gamified staking process to secure their stay. Portfolio access will also include allocation to events that MAIV has sponsored in the sports and entertainment industry.

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