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MAIV: Multi Asset Investment Vehicle

MAIV is a platform that bridges DeFi with TradFi, providing users with exposure to the development of RWA’s at scale.

MAIV provides investors with an alternative to traditional real estate investing. Investors with MAIV contribute to the financing of a project's development and construction. This strategic approach enables investors to be involved in the early stages of a project, meaning they benefit from financing interest that is not dependent on the success of individual properties.

MAIV fractionalizes the financing of high quality, early-stage, short- term property development projects, providing MAIV platform users with exposure to RWA investment pools that provide a secure yield of up to 20% p.a.

MAIV is a win-win for the industry as it revolutionizes the market not just for investors but also helps developers raise their first tranche of capital, faster, cheaper & with better terms.

MAIV is a unique offering. There are many companies who tokenize real-estate, fractionalize assets, and sell these via tokens, providing a share of rental revenue relative to ownership share. However, we believe this to be a highly variable market with lower returns and more risk.

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