💰Revenue Model

Capital Deployed

  • MAIV charges up to 20% p.a. on deployed capital, this is done on a contracted basis - meaning that the developer is contractually obligated to provide the agreed return before profiting themselves. On top of this, MAIV maintains a lien on the land purchased to further secure its investment

  • Once the developer has achieved an agreed return for themselves MAIV is contracted to receive further profits through a Joint Venture agreement entitling both parties to a profit-share.

  • MAIV charges a 3% raise fee on top of the finance interest

Users returns

  • The MAIV platform offers token holders exclusive access to high-yield property development projects across the U.K, Europe, and the UAE. All project lifecycles will be managed in-house by our experienced developers. The team at MAIV have experience of successfully delivering over $5billion worth of projects throughout the U.K, Europe, USA & Middle East.

  • MAIV users can fund live projects generating between 12%- 20% annual returns. This unlocks opportunities typically reserved for institutions and ultra-high-net-worth-individuals.

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