🛠️How it works

MAIV's in-house team have over 30years experience delivering successful returns for investors, with a combined $5bn+ of projects completed. Every project which is onboarded to the platform must go through a rigorous vetting process and is then precisely managed throughout its lifecycle

  • MAIV provides capital to real-world developers for their projects land purchase

  • MAIV maintains a lien on the land, securing its investment via the underlying land-value for the duration of the project

  • Investors receive exposure to the real-yield generated from the financing of projects

For Users:

  • Users sign up to the platform & pass KYC requirements

  • Users can view available pools and key information (minimum return / duration / requirements)

  • Users deposit desired amount of $USDC / $USDT to their chosen pools

  • Users can redeem funds as per pool schedule

For Developers:

  • Developer applies to platform and goes through KYB procedures

  • Project proposal is uploaded to platform and is vetted by in-house team

  • Project passes vetting requirements, is funded by MAIV and managed through its lifecycle by the in-house team

Introducing MAIV Finance Overview:

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