📚Developer Due Diligence

MAIV token holders can invest in high quality property development projects with secured yield of up to 20% p.a., vetted and managed by an established and experienced team

One of the key features of the MAIV platform is that developers can raise capital from a wide range of diverse and approved investors. The MAIV platform provides a standardised approach and vetting system to enable this streamlined process to project development financing. Project appraisals including returns are verified by multiple independent parties before capital is deployed

Developer Due Diligence & Capital Raising Process:

  1. Developer submits project to MAIV platform

  2. MAIV team appraise and approve the project

  3. Developer executes standard documentation with MAIV

  4. MAIV creates security package

  5. MAIV lists project on the platform

  6. Investors commit funds to MIAV investment pool(s)

  7. MAIV deploys capital

  8. MAIV expert team manages lifecycle of the project, monitoring and reporting on project progress

  9. MAIV ensures funds are incoming as per contract

  10. MAIV ensures timely disbursement of funds to its users as per terms, fully regulated

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