🔑Ecosystem & Partnerships

Key Partnerships

A strategic aim for MAIV is to build a strong partnership network across key regions and target markets. Utilising these key strategic partnerships will ensure a strong ecosystem readied for growth and assist MAIV in supplying products and services to users.

Legal Partners

MAIV has partnered with a number of top tier legal firms who specialise in Web3 & blockchain industries across U.K, Europe and Middle East.

PR & Media Partners

Luna PR - Leading PR & Marketing agency in Web3 & Emerging Tech Space based in UAE.

Web3 & Technology Partners

MAIV has partnered with multiple Web3, Tech and FS organisations to help design, deliver and support the MAIV platform and solutions.

  • Foundership - Global Emerging-Tech Accelerator for early-stage startups in Web3 & GenAI

  • Transak - World leading Fiat on/off ramp for cryptocurrency transactions

  • NonceBlox - Industry leading blockchain architects, consultants, business SMEs and Crypto advisers

  • Pixelplex - Leading Web3 & blockchain software development company

  • Sumsub - Leading verification technology solutions provider including KYC/AML services.

  • AWS - Amazon Web Services; World's most comprehensive cloud service provider

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